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Always the right and exact time - in any situation!

On 17 December 1903 with the first powered flight of history a big dream of mankind became true. Four men, a boy and his dog participated, when Orville Wright rose with the double-decker "Flyer "for 12 seconds into air. Later on that day his brother Wilbur flew even 59 seconds and covered a distance of 279 meters. With these pioneer flights began the racing progress of aviation in the following decades.

Only three years later the history of pilot watches begins. The Brazilian balloonist Alberto Santos Dumont asked a friend, a famous watchmaker from Paris, to develop a special clock for pilots, that was carried at the wrist. Up to then the relatively young fashion of wrist-watches was considered among men as "womanish", because real gentlemen still used the watch at the chain. So at the same time the first pilot watch AND the first wrist-watch for men came into being.

The idea was taken up fast by other manufacturers, so that pilot watches were developed, which meet the special requirements of the pilots at that time. Pilot watches had exact mechanical movements for fast and precise time measurement. For a better readability the numbers on the dial were imprinted high-contrast white on a black background. The twelve was often replaced by a remarkable triangle, which just like the other numbers and the hands was coated with bright radioactively endowed luminous pigments. Thus a good readability was ensured also within darkness. In order to be able to set and wind up the watches also with gloves, the crown were extra large and handy.
Altogether the appearance of the pilot watches was rather plain. They were designed to be ruggedly, durably and shockproof. The pilots carried them with extra long bracelets over the leather jackets.
Advancements, under the participation of the Atlantic flier Charles Lindbergh, were the navigation watches ("Beobachtungsuhren"), which for the purpose of astronomical navigation were equipped with turning dials.
By and by the tasks of the pilot watches were replaced in modern airplanes through permanently installed clocks and instruments. Pilot watches more and more served the pilots and other crew members as backups for these instruments.

The watch collection of "SkyTimer" is following the history of classic pilot watches. Resident in Pforzheim, stronghold of the German watch industry, "SkyTimer" offers both, watches with the classical pilot design AND in elegant and modern designs.
"SkyTimer" watches unite all qualities of the original pilot watches with the most modern technology. They are characterised by an extreme robustness and shock resistance. To ensure a good readability in the dark, all watches are equipped with luminous numbers and hands. In addition some models have a special red second hand. Another aspect of the steadfastness are the robust leather straps or alternatively solid metal bands. Characteristics such as anti-magnetism and a high resistibility against extreme climatic and kinetic loads are natural.

"SkyTimer" watches guarantee always the right and exact time - in any situation!


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